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10/01/2017 -

2016 – Another busy year for the Council Housing Team

Housing is at the centre of Government policy . . . and nowadays, is rarely out of the news! Lack of housing availability, housing affordability, homelessness, mortgage arrears, dispossessions, perceived high construction costs etc are some of the issues debated daily.

The Housing Team in the Council deal with all of those issues as they relate to Sligo.  Resources are more limited than ever both on the staff side and also on the financial side. In all of the negative comment, the real achievements can be lost. 

Sligo has performed credibly in the targets set down by Government under the current Programme. 

  • 258 units have already been delivered (85%  of target) – two years into the three year programme with an overall target of 301 units
  • HAP – The new Housing Assistance Programme, set up and running in late 2015.  To date it has assisted in providing accommodation for 235 households in Sligo
  • Over 100 vacant accommodation units returned to occupancy since 2015
  • Cranmore Masterplan completed and launched by Minister Coveney in December
  • Contract signed for construction of 22 units at Fr Flanagan Terrace Sligo – first such construction since 2010
  • Planning permission granted for 28 new units at Knappagh Road in October
  • Two other schemes proposed to the department and preliminary approved at Rosses Point Road and at Collooney
  • 286 social houses upgraded from an insulation and an energy saving perspective
  • €1.17M paid out in various housing grants



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10th January 2017